Therapy for anxious, stressed, depressed and/or angry adults who wonder just what the hell happened to "happiness"!

find the life you think you've lost

"You can't see the light and the tunnel is long and dark. You stay in bed all the time or you're up but yell at everyone around you all day. Let's work together to find your BE HAPPY place!"

I understand! I get it!

You are NOT okay!

You truly thought things would be different. You just knew you would be different than you feel you are RIGHT NOW!

As hard as you try things just seem to always move in the “wrong” direction from where you want them to go.

Or maybe it’s that you keep trying to keep things balanced at home but no matter what you do things just never get better. And “that’s your fault”.

Your boss seems apathetic as do your co-workers. No one seems to listen when you tell them you aren’t as put together as they think.

Maybe it’s that you’re angry ALL the damn time and you truly can’t explain why. And that not knowing why exactly builds more stress and anger inside of you.

Why should it matter then? Who cares?

Easy questions to answer; it should matter and you care!

Honestly that is why you’re out on the Internet searching for a therapist right?

Of course right.

Here’s a freebie, anger comes from a place of sadness, it’s a secondary emotion. When we bottle up our emotions from hurt, stress, anxiety, and depression it is most often displayed to others around us as anger. 

You feel and respond the way you do and because you feel unfulfilled, unchallenged, overworked, inadequate, and alone

As hard as you work the days run together and when the hell are you going to find time to take care of you? It is possible.

How do you find a way forward, out, up, through?

Life can put you on a carousel and run away with you when you aren’t looking. So how do you get off of the carousel and start living again? You are in the right place now and I can help.


Therapy should be something you want to participate in and not something that is forced. 

There should be a convenience to the process that feels good for you and relaxes you in the knowledge that you are doing something for yourself. 

With multiple ways to connect in today’s world therapy is closer than it ever was in the past. Both face-to-face and virtual sessions are available allowing for more flexibility in your schedule. 

Going out of town? No problem and no need to skip a session if you don’t want to. Take a few minutes out of your trip and join a secure session via phone, tablet, or laptop. 

Tough week at work and you would prefer to simply relax on your sofa and talk? No problem. 

Or perhaps you like the idea of being away from your world and in a room face-to-face where you can share all that is going on. 

Whatever the case I got you covered! Email or call today to set up a free 15 minute no obligation consultation today!

Anxiety & Stress

Life is throwing everything at you and it’s hard to understand how you feel, if you’re suppose to feel, or do you feel at all?

Trying to keep the kids on track with virtual classes. Keeping up with the housework. Why haven’t I been promoted yet while these damn bills keep growing?

Therapy will help you define what is happening and develop the tools necessary to deal with what life is throwing at you.

Trauma & Depression

You feel alone against the world and no one will listen to you. No one understands and all they want you to do is “get over it”. 

Trauma from childhood, toxic relationships, an abusive spouse/significant other, or a hostile work environment. 

Therapy will give you a safe place to discuss the worst of your past and build a future beyond your pain.

Anger Management

Or the lack of management. That is truly what the problem is right? 

You yell or explode at those around you for reasons you cannot really explain. Perhaps you can but with some after thought the reasons were thin and you know you should have been more patient, calm, or kind. 

Therapy will give you tools and skills to better face the challenges of your life without the regret of outbursts.

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