How I Can Help

Anxiety, depression, anger, feelings of “not belonging”, and being overall “out of place” in your world. You feel that no one hears you or listens. Why is there no one there that “gets” you? You would like to share and talk with friends, family, a significant other but that feels like the absolute worst damn idea; as if you’re shouting to the whole world that you don’t have it all together. 

I understand! 

Remember, it’s never “why are you like this” it is ALWAYS “what happened to you?”

The forest is heavy around you and there just does not seem to be a clear path. It’s there, but hidden and unsure. 

The air is thick with worry, stress, and shit, it’s hard to breathe. 

There is a way through this miasma and into a better future. We can open the windows together and let some fresh air into your life. Let’s chart a new course!

Anxiety is that voice telling you that you aren’t worthy, no one cares, you’re going to fail, or that you already did fail. A voice that sounds out at the most inopportune times. During a business meeting, at two in the morning, when that date night is going oh so well. 

Then you focus on that voice and you fall back into that same old trap that has you where you are now. You feel disillusioned, sad, angry, and not very successful at all no matter what you’ve been through or accomplished. 

The triggers from the past keep you reacting in ways you wish you wouldn’t but they are comfortable and reliable. They have “kept you safe” to this point in your life. But did they? Answer true.

Because you don’t feel safe. Your job seems flaccid and boring. Your significant other seems controlling and at times abusive. Do you not know how to choose? Is your “picker” broken? 

Probably not your “picker”. It’s more likely that you need stronger and healthier boundaries. It’s time to set some limits and get your own space from life.

Reclaim what has always been yours!

Depression does not always feel like you’re in a hole and isolated but most of the time, yeah, that’s how it feels. 

You don’t want to be at work, hang out with friends, or sometimes even sitting on your sofa watching your favorite show just isn’t appealing. You’re in a hole. There is no ladder, no rope, and it feels as if, no hope. 

The passage out is a process of remembering what is good. A lot makes no sense and you’re just not interested a lot of the time in trying to find something that is good. 

That struggle and challenge to get up and go to work is missing and your bed is far more welcoming than anything the job offers. I get that feeling. 

It’s time to plan your escape!

Anger, boy there is a topic. First of all, we’ve all been there so you’re in good company. Trust and know the struggle is real and I completely understand. 

But what is it? Why do you feel the way you do? What is that science? 

We’ve already talked about the what above actually. Anger comes from a place of sadness, ALWAYS! 

You’re angry. Someone disappointed you, hurt your feelings, did not give you what you wanted, keep you from something you thought would make you happy, it’s all in sadness. 

And in those times you just want to raise our finger to the sky and tell the world what you think. Or toward someone who may or may not deserve that attention. But you’re here because those outbursts are causing problems. You don’t want to be that person anymore. 

That normally fun loving person is now not so pleasant to be around and it is affecting your life. At work, at home, wherever you may be at the time it strikes. 

You just want to rage until there is no more raging. But that presents another set of issues doesn’t it?

The way you feel when it’s all over. You’ve said things and maybe done things that you cannot take back and leave a more permanent scar on your life. 

In the end this journey is yours to take and the goal is to find that light at the end of path and a way through that dark forest you’re in right now. 

That’s where the therapeutic process helps. Someone to stand with you while you process those emotions and be a sounding board for building healthy boundaries, setting better limits, and better ways of interacting and managing the day-to-day. 

The goal is taming the angry bear inside and finding some peace because you don’t want to feel like this anymore.

The goal is to find a way to feel happy again because it’s been too long since you went out of your bedroom, house, apartment, wherever and did something fun.

The goal is to not fucking worry anymore about every damn thing. It gets in the way of everything you want to do and it’s time to find a new you! 

The you that you thought was lost!